Effect of taping as treatment to reduce breast cancer lymphedema: literature review

Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Lymphedema is the most common complication during the postoperative period after surgery for breast cancer and can have a direct impact on daily activities. It was found that taping is a complementary therapy for reducing lymphedema, which may be used as an alternative treatment method, but cannot substitute multilayer compression therapy. Lymphedema secondary to breast cancer is one of the complications that can emerge after lymph node resection surgery, because of structural changes or changes to lymphatic function. The current gold standard treatment is complex physiotherapy CPa combination of care for the skin, manual lymph drainage MLDcompressive elastic and inelastic bandaging, and myolymphokinetic exercises. The method gained popularity in the sporting community in Japan, after it was used by the volleyball team at the Olympics. Towards the end of the s, it began to spread to Europe, Asia, and America, and both its use and research into its effects are growing steadily.

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